Colletti looking to acquire arm for rotation

Colletti looking to acquire arm for rotation

BOSTON -- Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti reiterated on Friday that he's looking to acquire a starting pitcher to bolster a rotation that currently includes two rookies.

"The conversations have picked up a little," said Colletti. "It doesn't seem that anything is really hot. There are six or seven weeks to go [until the July 31 Trade Deadline]. Teams holding on to pitchers, their value won't go down unless they get hurt."

Colletti didn't say Cliff Lee is his target, but Colletti made a strong run at Lee last summer and reportedly is after him again. The Dodgers, however, are considered a bad match with the Seattle Mariners, who want a young slugger in return. Los Angeles might need to bring a third club into the equation.

Colletti wouldn't address by name Lee, Roy Oswalt or any other potentially available pitcher, but said he's "starting to focus on who" might be an obtainable target. Colletti didn't rule out former Dodger Pedro Martinez, a free agent working out in the Dominican Republic, and said he hasn't yet gone to ownership asking for more money.

"When we've got an opportunity to make a move, we'll bring it up at that point," Colletti said.

Colletti said the club already has gotten more mileage than expected this soon from rookie starters John Ely and Carlos Monasterios, who have struggled recently and need to adjust to hitters that have adjusted to them.

Last summer, Colletti acquired starters Vicente Padilla and Jon Garland.